iktva Overview


The establishment of a world-class and globally competitive domestic supply chain that adds transformative value to the Kingdom, is a top priority for Saudi Aramco. Since the 2015 launch of the In-Kingdom Total Value Add (iktva) Program we have made huge strides.

The iktva program contributes to Saudi Aramco’s reliability and efficiency while maintaining competitive supply chain. The most important measurement of success, is the impact that iktva is having on people’s lives; creating jobs, encouraging learning, expanding career options, and enhancing the Saudi business environment.

Many opportunities have been created as a result of initiatives that have been led by iktva.

Suppliers benefit from the increasing opportunities, expansions, access to a highly skilled workforce, exposure to industry-leading innovation, and capturing markets around the world. Through iktva, we continue to build a robust supply chain that harnesses the energies of innovative industry and technology entrepreneurs, and a highly-skilled, globally competitive workforce.

Saudi Aramco is a committed partner in your success, as we journey forward.

The iktva 2022 Forum & Exhibition will take our success story even further forward, in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 Economic Roadmap. Our theme for the 2022 event is, “Paving the way to economic success” with “Future readiness forged from localization.”

At Dhahran Expo Center, over three-days in January from 24 to 26, we promise you a unique platform for engagement and connecting with innovative businesses in our supply chain, both domestic and international. A full program of workshops and seminars will provide opportunities for engagement with businesses committed to boosting local content within the Saudi energy economy.

Our collective quest is to continue to transform and diversify the Kingdom’s economic through partnership and collaboration, creating high-value, and high-skilled jobs for the Saudi population. Through the iktva Program we will continue to build a resilient economy for the future.

iktva has come a long way since its launch in 2015, and the iktva 2022 Forum & Exhibition will gather together the key enablers of the energy industry and government to drive forward the program’s ambitious agenda with focus, momentum and intensity.

By supporting capacity building in the Kingdom’s energy sector, nurturing small to medium-sized enterprises and establishing national training centers, together we will enhance the reliability of our supply chain, boost the efficiency of our operations and build our workforce of the future.

It is a win-win scenario for all who participate in the iktva Program.