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The overall theme of iktva Forum & Exhibition 2023 will represent a quantum leap in comparison to previous editions. The overall concept design has been inspired by the success achieved so far by creating a next level experience in 2023 that will take the visitors to a moment of Awe.

iktva Forum & Exhibition 2023 will accommodate 4 unique pavilions under one roof, and will showcase in design, experience, journey and content the robustness and success of iktva program today and in the years to come. The overall experience will be completely immersive and will transcend our audience to the future and will set unparalleled benchmark for the industry.


Accelerating Digital Transformation

Digitalization is the driver of Industrial Revolution 4.0 (4IR). As iktva plays the role of a catalyst in bringing about this revolution, the Digital Pavilion will connect the leading creative and powerful digital innovators, explore and understand extensively the world of digital enterprises in Saudi Arabia, the transformation of Businesses with Emerging technologies thereby establishing the Kingdom as a hub to provide digital services. The pavilion focuses further on the expansion and development of the Kingdom’s technology infrastructure that will create new entrepreneurial opportunities, drive further innovation and job growth, and support the diversification of the Kingdom’s economy.


Made in KSA

Guided by Vision 2030, Saudi Aramco is focused on building local capabilities and Aim to become a leading industrial power that contributes to securing global supply chains, exporting high-tech products to the world, and boosting the industrial sector’s competitiveness. The Manufacturing pavilion will welcome new technology and services developed locally across chemicals, building materials, electrical, and safety to name a few.


Fostering Growth

The Industrial pavilion at the iktva 2023 Forum & Exhibition aims to showcase present and future capabilities to strengthen the global supply chain ecosystem across the verticals of marine services, exploration services, and pipeline services to name a few to deliver and create shared value and accelerate growth.


Shaping a Sustainable Future

Saudi Aramco has taken a holistic and collective approach in line with the Kingdom’s vision to optimize emissions solutions and create an integrated energy system that maximizes system value outcomes across economic, social and environmental aspects. The Sustainability Pavilion at iktva 2023 will host businesses exhibiting innovative and robust solutions devised to accelerate climate action and environmentally conscious practices, such as recycling, waste management, carbon capture, and more, to enable the future course of action on ESG principles.